contrast variation SAXS experiments

with Polyvalan CV-SAXS kits

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Polyvalan's New Ready-to-Use Kit for Critical Biological Complexes

Disentangling signals of critical biological complexes, such as protein/nucleic acid or membrane-protein complexes, to understand their structure-function relationships, can be challenging by using conventional SAXS methods. Despite the identification of numerous protein/nucleic acid or membrane-protein complexes, the structural interactions facilitating their biological activities remain elusive for many complexes without homology.

According to the work of Frank Gabel and his colleagues, contrast variation SAXS with Gd-HPDO3A allows, by leveraging the density differences, to monitor the conformational state of individual components within the complex during interaction in solution in just a few hours experiment.

Polyvalan’s corresponding Gd-HPDO3A CV-SAXS ready-to-use kit aims to make this technological breakthrough available to the structural biology community. This enables you to discriminate (or invalidate) between different atomic models in a matter of hours, resulting in more accurate predictions.