Proteins Crystals with Xo4

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2 Complementary Nucleating Agents

AS NUCLEATING AGENT, Xo4/Crystallophore allows to

  • Promote crystal growth and reproducibility,
  • Improve hit rate,
  • Enhance crystal quality,
  • Induce new crystal forms.

They are not a substitute to crystallization kits. They shall be used as an additive in screening kits and therefore fits with current end users practices.

Lu-Xo4 presents complementary nucleation enhancement to Tb-Xo4.

In order to get as many exploitable hits as possible, the optimal crystallization experiment would combine screening of conditions of the protein both in native conditions and in the presence of Xo4 (i.e. : two drops should be made, with and without 10 mM Xo4).

Both are mainly adapted to soluble proteins and complexes. Their new packaging is adapted for limited amounts of protein (0.18 mg of Xo4 for 30 μL of protein solution).

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